We regrettably announce that this seminar has been canceled due to the spread of Corona virus.

The 7th Sports & Oxidative Stress and Anti-oxidant Seminar

Supported by International Observatory of Oxidative Stress (Italy)


Date & Time

March 22nd, 2020 (Sun.)

12:30 – 17:00 (Registration opens at 11:45)


JPY ¥10,000
users ¥5,000
(paid upon arrival, cash only) 
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Fee: ¥ 5,000
Venue: chiocciol@pizzeria
(Akihabara UDX Restaurant & Shop Akiba · Ichi)
Time: 17:20 – 18:50

Welcome message

Redox balance, lipidomics and oxygen therapy in athlete conditioning

This seminar will be held for the 7th time since 2014, and this time with regards to the advancement of Japanese players at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020.
In the past 6 years, the important factors in athlete conditioning related to  performance level and oxidative stress, muscle fatigue/muscular damage, endurance declination, redox balance state, activation mechanism of antioxidant defense system in our body and, consumption methods effective antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress have become more apparent. In order to suppress inflammation from muscle fatigue, there are more and more athletes who analyze the balance of fatty acids with the “Lipidomics Fatty Acid Test”  and take supplementation of omega-3 fatty acids. It has been suggested that “high-concentration oxygen infusion therapy” can be a powerful ally to athletes for improving performance, early recovery from muscle fatigue, and preventing injuries. In this 7th seminar, a total of 9 speakers from Japan and overseas will present the latest research on sports and the relation between oxidative stress and lipidomics, active consumption of antioxidants, oxygen infusion therapy, and more. After this seminar, the Tokyo Olympics will finally take place in 123 days. We look forward to the participation of many trainers/coaches, researchers, and athletes.

*scenes from our previous seminars


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