An easy-to-use reagent kit to measure antioxidant level from blood samples.

Oxidative stress is known to be the cause for more than 100 diseases, and quantifying antioxidant level which work against oxidative reactions in the living body is considered crucial. Our BAP test quantifies the body’s reducing power to iron, which acts as a sensitive antioxidant. Like d-ROMs test, it can be applied not only to clinical research but also to various other fields (food, sports, etc.).

How does it work?

The ferric iron salt FeCl3 is reacted with a colorless thiocyanate to give a red color ferric iron Fe3 + ion. The sample is added and the red color is decolorized by being reduced to ferrous Fe2 + ions by the antioxidants in the sample. The change in color is then measured with a photometer, and the reducing power is evaluated as antioxidant. 

This measures the reducing power of endogenous antioxidants such as albumin, bilirubin, reduced glutathione, and uric acid, and exogenous antioxidants such as vitamins C / E and polyphenols.

Samples and Storage

The sample should be serum / heparin plasma (*EDTA and citrate samples are not viable). Samples can last for half a year when it is stored at -20 °C or lower.

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