Contribute to the health and prosperity of people and the planet by making the best use of Wisdom, Mercy and Will.

Founding philosophy of wismerll

Yasuhiro Seki


Our company name “Wismerll” consists of the three words “Wisdom”, “Mercy” and “Will” and since its founding in February 1997, we have carried out our daily efforts with these elements in our hearts.

“Philosophy”, “western medicine”, and “oriental medicine (including traditional and alternative medicine)”, has each evolved individually so far, which ideally should form a  harmony in society and in individual lives. And we believe “oxidative stress evaluation” and “energy medicine” are the products and technologies that can bridge these three factors.

We strive to achieve our founding philosophy by spreading the “Wismerll brand” aiming for the top market share in Japan and the world, looking ahead to the future of medical care.

Eugenio Luigi Iorio

MD, PhD.

Academic Advisor

I started my collaboration with Wismerll since 2003 and we have proudly traveled together a long way with oxidative stress measurement.
The evidence regarding the relevance between Redox (reduction and oxidation) and our health, as well as sports performance, has been increasing day by day and the lead to longevity and healthy life quality has become more promising. Wismerll’s mission and contributions has been an accelerant to this field, and we will continue to collaborate in the hopes of providing a better future to our coming generations.

Company profile and offices

PRESIDENTYasuhiro Seki
ESTABLISHEDFebruary, 1997
CAPITAL10,000,000 yen
BUSINESSImport and distribution of medical instruments and integrative medicine related products. Manufacturing of research reagent.
PRODUCTSFRAS (free-radical analytical system)、F.R.E.E. (Free radical elective evaluator),FREE Carrio Duo,FREE carpe diem,d-ROMs,BAP,UBIQUE Darkfield Microscope, biofeedback devices, and other products.
Tokyo office (main)

K’s Bld. 7F,
TOKYO 113-0033 JAPAN
TEL: (+81) 3-5802-7333
FAX: (+81) 3-5802-7332

Korea office

〒06233 1118,
Hanra Classic building, 23,
Gangnam-daero 84-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
TEL: (+82) 2-522-9636
FAX: (+82) 2-522-9635

Singapore office

Wismerll S.E.A Pte Ltd 
Blk 405C, #22-101, Fernvale Lane, Singapore 793405
TEL: (+65) 9488-6880
FAX: (+65) 6728-0816