A high speed and all-in-one measuring device for reactive oxygen species / free radical levels and antioxidant level. 

As reactive oxygen and free radicals, the cause of aging as well as other over one hundred diseases, are known to have a short shelf life and are highly reactive, it has been very difficult to measure oxidation level and antioxidant level directly from blood samples. With our new REDOXLIBRA, it is now possible to measure them with a single drop of blood and it is combined with other tests to provide an overall evaluation.

The latest REDOXLIBRA performs tests which includes: 

  • d-ROMs test (oxidation marker)
  • BAP test (antioxidant marker)
  • OXY adsorption test
  • INDOLE test (intestinal flora markers).

Each test are performed in 5 minutes with high accuracy and it allows two tests to be performed simultaneously with high reproducibility. In addition, d-ROMs and BAP tests are installed with a rapid mode making it possible to reduce the measurement time to 3 minutes. Contact us for further information.

REDOXLIBRA marker list (for research purposes)

Classification Test Code Sample Amount
(no. of test) (storage) (range)
Oxidative marker d-ROMs DI-003b Serum / heparin plasma 20μl
(50 times) * (1 year) (40-1000U.CARR)

Remarks: The most effective method for detecting the initial oxidation stage. Quantification of total oxidation degree in serum and plasma of humans, animals, fish, etc. by color reaction. 1U.CARR has an oxidizing capacity equivalent to 0.08 mg H2O2 / dL.
(Note: The amount converted to H2O2 does not exist in blood.)

Antioxidant marker BAP DI-002d

serum / heparin plasma, saliva, water-soluble substances

(50 times) * (6 months) (500-6000μM/l)

Remarks: Measures the antioxidant ability of endogenous antioxidants such as albumin, bilirubin, reduced glutathione, and uric acid, and exogenous antioxidants such as vitamins C / E and polyphenols from the reducing power of trivalent iron ions. Serum, plasma and saliva of humans, animals and fish can be measured.

OXY adsorption DI-004a

serum / heparin plasma, saliva, water-soluble substances

(50 times) * (4 months) (80-500μM/ml)

Remarks: Using the strongest reactive oxygen species, hypochlorous acid (HClO), which is produced in vivo when leukocytes attack foreign substances. The comprehensive antioxidant level is evaluated from the hypochlorite scavenging ability. It is also effective for measuring the antioxidant level of foods other than blood samples such as juice, vegetables, and wine.

Intestinal flora marker INDOLE DI-012  urine  1ml
(50 times) (fresh sample) (1-40㎎/l)

Remarks: A simple intestinal environment measurement method that measures urinary indole concentration in 5 minutes by colorimetry. When the urinary indole value is high, it is inferred that the ratio of bad bacteria in the intestinal flora is high.

*When stored below -20℃ (serum / heparin plasma)

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